The biggest gainers from the solar technology are commercial entities that operate when the sun is shining bright. This means minimum reliance on the grid – if any at all – and smooth function of all critical electrical systems.

a. OFFICES We offer products that will ensure uninterrupted power supply to critical appliances such as laptops, desktops, printers, lights, fans, etc. We can even power energy efficient Air Conditioners and other equipment if significant space is available

b. BANKS As with any customer satisfaction driven business, it is imperative for banks to offer service where back-end issues are not visible to the client. In current environment most bank branches are operating on gensets. Furthermore ATMs have to be up and running 24 hours a day. The high opex cost of diesel may be justified during the day when customers traffic is high at the branches, but there is no reason to incur such costs when only ATMs have to be operational after business hours.

Some banks have switched to UPS systems for continuous operation of ATMs. While this is more efficient than diesel gensets, banks are still paying a high per unit price to WAPDA than solar. For this reason we believe that solar is the best solution for critical operations of the banks and their ATMS.

c. HEALTHCARE Perhaps no other sector requires uninterrupted power supply more than health care. Currently all major hospitals, labs and clinics have significant genset costs. While some have opted for UPS systems for critical system backups. We believe we can help with that. We can offer systems that will significantly lower operational expenditure and use solar technology with existing resources to offer Multi-source Integrated Systems (MIS) which will ensure power at all hours during the day.

d. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES Educational institutes have high lighting needs. This often translates into high operational expenditure. We can assist in significantly lowering these operational expenditures by combining a variety of efficient energy products such as LEDs with our solar technology.