Allied Solar is a privately owned company and was formed with the intent to address the energy consumption needs of Pakistan. Our aim is not to sell from a business standpoint. Rather we believe that our survival lies solely in customer satisfaction and widespread use of this technology while acknowledging its limitations.

At Allied Solar we are committed to providing you with the most up to date technology that suits your needs. All our products are designed to address your needs. We do not provide individual modules, rather complete systems. Following is the list of our products:

Our Energy Conservation Systems are designed to ensure lower utility bills and to provide energy while the sun is shining bright. These systems use solar generated electricity during the daytime, ensuring that your appliances do not draw any power from the grid – and hence saving you the cost of grid electricity. This is an ideal system for clients which have a dedicated line from the grid (bulk buyers of electricity from the grid)

After the sun goes down – or during cloudy days – energy is drawn from the grid. And if there is no electricity from the grid, then backup batteries ensure smooth functions of appliances.

Backup solutions focus on critical systems. During the day, solar power is used to charge your batteries and provide electricity for critical systems. After the sun goes down, batteries and grid electricity is used to ensure that uninterrupted power is supplied to critical systems.

These systems synchronize power supplied from various sources. It is ideal from clients willing to use multi-sources – such as Grid, Generator, Solar and Batteries – to ensure uninterrupted power while minimizing their grid and diesel costs.

These systems are designed for clients willing to provide electricity to high consumption appliances, one at a time. An example might include powering a tube well for a few hours and then powering a harvesting machine after that. These systems ensure that the payback period is minimized.

INDUSTRIAL Our industry has been most affected by the energy crisis.
COMMERCIAL The biggest gainers that operate when the sun is shining bright.
RESIDENTIAL there is a continuous supply of power from the grid.
AGRICULTURAL Solar water pumps have been a subject of hot pursuit

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